How to choose the right crystals for you

Whether this is your first time choosing crystals or you are looking to add more to your collections, there are a few ways to choose the right ones for you.

Choosing a crystal to support a struggle: Whether you are looking for help with anxiety, support with a life transition or help with a physical ailment, finding the right crystals is as simple as a google search. You can find so much information on the internet about which crystals are best for a particular purpose.

Using your intuition: As you begin to explore the world of crystals you may find that you are just intuitively drawn to one. If you find yourself browsing crystals online or one in a room or store catches your eye, you may find that you are being drawn to that particular crystal for a reason. Whether the healing properties of that crystal are relevant to you at that particular time or not, it is wise to listen to your intuition and choose what you feel you are drawn to.

If you’re looking for help with bringing more of something into your life, like love, money or confidence, finding the right crystal can give your energy the boost and support it needs to help you manifest wonderful things and feelings into your life.

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