How to use your Crystals

There are no hard and fast rules to using crystals and it is down to preference and personal comfort. Crystals can be immensely supportive and healing for you, but just like any spiritual practise, your intuition will guide you on the best practise for you. Here are some ways you can use your crystals to being with while you find your own way with them.

Wear them. Whether your wear a crystal pendent, bracelet or pop it in your bra or pocket, keeping your crystals with you within your auric field will help them attune to your personal energy field.

Hold them in your hand, close to your heart or against your forehead when you feel like you need a little extra support

Meditate with them or use them as part of your yoga routine to help keep you focused and positive.

Looking to attract an abundance of wealth into your life? Keep them in your purse or wallet.

Take a bath with them. Not all crystals can be placed in water so make sure you check for best practise, but placing them in the bathroom while you take a relaxing bat with candles and aromatic oils can help you relax and open your heart to the power and energy they possess.

Plants are known to raise the vibration of your space, so pop them in with your plants to boost the healing power of plant energy, just be careful not to get them wet if they are water sensitive.

Keep them next to your bed. Certain crystals can help with sleep and dream recall – such as chevron amethyst – so sleeping close to your crystals, whether they’re on your bedside table or inside your pillow case can help you get the best night rest.

Use them to decorate a space. If you have a room where you choose to relax and unwind, placing crystals in the space can help bring positive and cleansing energies into that space and help you feel calm, relaxed and comfort

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