How to use your Crystals

When you buy or receive new crystals you need to cleanse them to clear their energetic fields. There are a few ways to do this and finding the right way for you will become clearer as you spend more time with your crystals, but here are the most common ways to cleanse.

Cleanse with crystals – Certain crystals can be used to help cleanse such as clear quartz and carnelian. Do your research on which stones can help cleanse new crystals.

Running water – if your crystals are water-friendly, then holding them under running water is a very effective method. If you live near a stream then cleanse them in the healing running waters. Ask the universe to remove negative energies from your crystals while holding within flowing water.

Full moon – Each month, place your crystals on the windowsill or outside in a clear, sealed glass jar to let the moons powerful lunar energy refresh your stones.

Use your own energy field – Visualisation and intention is a powerful tool! Hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes and imagine a golden light surrounding them, clearing any negativity and replacing the energies with positivity and love. Ask the universe to help refresh and energise your crystals.

Setting intentions

Once you receive new crystals, you can set your intentions for their purpose. To do this follow these instructions:

Sit in a quiet place where you feel comfortable

Remove your crystals from their bag and hold them in your hand

Take a deep cleansing breath

Remember, when asking the universe for anything you should focus on a need rather than a want. Focus on a goal and try not to be too specific or materialistic.

You can either tell your crystals what their purpose is or write it down on a piece of paper and keep it with your crystals until you feel that your intention is set.

Keeping your crystals with you and sleeping with them next to your bed will keep them in your auric field and help you keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Be thankful and always express your gratitude for your blessings.