Large Crystal Skull – Lepidolite 1.216kg


Lepidolite is known as the stone of transformation and nurturing and will bring peace and stability to your soul. Lepidolite will give you a gentle push towards connecting with your higher self and help clear any blockages. It will support you during challenging times and help you overcome any anxious tension.
Lepidolite will cleanse any negative energy around you and help clear any limitations around the heart, head and crown chakra. It will help you to see what the universe has in store for you and find your true path.
Although in the past, Crystal skulls have been a bit of a mystery and sometimes feared, they have become hugely popular as people have discovered their true meanings and powers. The truth is crystal skulls have been used for energy and healing for thousands of years. They are the symbol of life and represent wisdom, communication, mind power, and knowledge. So the skull is not just a pretty carved stone, but a powerful tool for intention, healing and energy.
It is believed that, by carving a crystal into the shape of a skull, it amplifies its power within the mind and helps you amplify your intentions.

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Beautifully detailed carving
Each skull is completely unique
All sizes are approximate

All our crystals are cleansed with white sage and ready for you to set your intentions.
Please note: All our crystals are natural and therefore may vary in size, colour and weight.
How to guide and crystal ID sheet included with all crystal orders

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