Flower Agate Tower 409g


Flower agate tower with druzy.
Flower agate is an absolutely stunning form of agate from Madagascar. Aptly named, it will help you to grow and blossom in your journey of self-growth and bring you to your full potential. Having flower agate with you will encourage you to follow your dreams and manifest your best life. With a soft and delicate, feminine energy, this crystal will ignite your passion and help you to live life to the fullest.
Perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs or anyone who’s just starting out on their own ventures. It will nurture and help you to drive forward with passion and courage.
Can hep with headaches and migraines, reduced stress and anxiety and can ease insomnia.

This chunky tower with druzy weighs 409g


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All our crystals are cleansed with white sage and ready for you to set your intentions.
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