Selenite Crystal – Why you need it in your crystal collection

Selenite, also known as Satin Spa or Desert Rose, is a crystal gypsum found mainly in Greece. Morocco, Australia and the USA. With its stunning fractured appearance and pearly, translucent, angelic-like colour like it is an essential tool to have in your crystal collection.

Throughout history, Selenite has been known as the stone of the Goddesses. Its other-worldly appearance and calming vibes is said to bring harmony and peace to your mind, body and soul. Selenite has the power to restore mental clarity and shield you and your space from any negative energies. Selenite’s powerful vibration can activate all your chakras and works from the crown down to the root bringing calmness and serenity which makes it a perfect partner for meditation. Often only used only as a cleansing and charging tool, this crystal should not be overlooked as an essential  

Selenite is a highly spiritual stone that’s power can be utilised to open you up to higher frequencies, opening your heart to the universe while ensuring you stay protected while moving through those energy blocks.  

Selenite has the amazing ability to not only cleanse and charge your other crystals, but to also amplify their healing powers too. This makes selenite perfect for crystal grids and charging plates and bowls. The powerful purifier can draw out negative energy from other crystals and stone and reinforce their power and properties.

 Here’s some of the ways Selenite can be used for cleansing and healing:

  • Selenite wands can be used to target specific problem areas within the body with the practice of Reiki
  • Hold a selenite tumble or palm stone in your hand while you meditate to open your heart and help you connect with your higher self
  • Clear an overactive mind by laying down in a calm room and placing selenite on your forehead
  • Place a selenite tower on your coffee table to purify the room and absorb any negative energy.
  • Place your crystals on a selenite slab or in a selenite bowl for 24 hours to cleanse and recharge their magical properties

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